"Love in its essence is spiritual fire." -Lucius Annaeus Seneca



Firewalking, Glasswalking and Arrowbreak experiences to help personal healing, transformation and shifting ones own paradigms.

Meet Mishawn Mielke

Empowerment Artist

I am an empowerment artist and certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor. I have been participating in empowerment workshops and demonstrations for 8 years. I continue to study Toltec and Shamanic philosophies both independently and under HeatherAsh Amara. 

It's an honor to be in service to the elements of fire and water and to those who feel called to walk and dance with them. Fire and glass are the teachers. I am a vessel  that delivers their messages.


Fire is an ancient tool of transformation and healing. I've witnessed it bring people to tears and change lives. My own life was forever changed the first time I walked on fire; I suddenly had permission to create my own paradigm. It was in that moment I knew I wanted to share the fire with others.

Glass brings us into presence while using water as the element of connection. 

I will show you doorways to connect with your authentic self , heal and create your happiest life.


"Leaders should lead as far as they can and then vanish. Their ashes should not choke the fire they have lit." -H.G.Wells

Instructor Training:


Why Walk?


The world looks different after walking or watching someone walk on glass or fire.


It's ALL energy; our emotions and our obstacles, are energy that can be utilized.


Just the act of walking changes what we've always agreed to as fact. 


When we walk or see others walk, our inner beings awaken and are freed to take responsibility to create something more expanded and powerful in our lives.


Fire and glass provide doorways to personal healing of past and present emotions.


Learn to utilize fear as energy; a tool for moving beyond your obstacles.



“ Stepping into my NOW. My second glasswalk with Mishawn Mielke. Letting go of conditioned limiting beliefs...many that I have created myself from conditioned/influences. This is definitely my favorite walk if have to chose between glass and fire. It’s the same inner conversation I have when I’m wake surfing, I imagine the glass as water and listening from the guidance of my feet where the glass wants me to go. My whole body smiles as it witnesses trusting and yielding to a wisdom that creates magic and reveals new possibilities.”

— Melody Benton, Movement Goddess



Upcoming Events

Solar Eclipse Events:
October 14th, 2023
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Tarpley, Texas

April 8th, 2024
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Tarpley, Texas